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Roshni Homes Trust
G.T. Roadd, Behind Income Tax Complex, Gujranwala
+92 55 3415432-4
Monday - Saturday
From 9:00am to 5:00pm

Children are the future of any nation. And a nation cannot progress if its children are not educated and don’t have well-groomed personalities.

In developing countries like Pakistan the meager government resources alone cannot provide sufficient support to orphan children. Established in year 2002, Roshni Homes Trust is a part of the social responsibility under taken by Credence Group. It is a proof of highest level of human effort for the welfare, betterment and protection of orphan children.

The philosophy of Roshni Homes Trust is totally different from any other orphanage operating in Pakistan. The core of the philosophy is to develop Roshni Homes Trust into a COMMUNITY, which not only takes care of its members but also provides help and comfort to the society at large. The protection of the Self-esteem of orphan children is at the top priority so that they can become confident, responsible and highly productive members of the community as well as of the society. Roshni Homes Trust children are sent to the leading schools of the city. The idea for not having a school within the premises is to give the children every opportunity to lead normal lives and also to develop the ability to go to schools where they can study alongside other children from various backgrounds and families. In this way it is ensured that Roshni Homes Trust children are interacting and studying with other students without developing any complexes.

Roshni Homes Trust complex locally known as Palm Enclaves has an area of 8 acres, which consists of covered and open area in the form of playgrounds also. The complex has 13 purpose built homes and each home has the capacity to accommodate 10 children. In addition to 9 homes there is one unit of Youth Homes, which accommodates boys of age 12 and above.




Abdul Sattar Edhi

Delighted to meet Roshni Homes children, my compliments to the organizers. Our country today needs a collective effort for noble causes, you have taken a step, may Allah bless you for the initiative you have taken for nurturing innocent souls, may Allah keep you steadfast in it, Ameen.

Zouhair A. Khaliq, CEO Mobilink, Pakistan

This is a wonderful effort to nurture and grow our children and prepare them for the future. I hope that we can see Roshni Homes continue to grow and provide this nurturing to more and more children.

Carmela Conroy, US Consul General, Lahore

Thank you for your hospitality! I wish the students all the best in their studies and lives and bless the adults helping them.

Elizabeth Horst US Consulate, Lahore

You have a lovely facility and are providing an important facility to young orphans in need. I wish you much success and God’s blessings.

Robert Gibson, British Deputy High Commissioner, Pakistan

I am greatly impressed by the youth home set up. I congratulate the management for providing such a wonderful home for the disadvantaged youth of our community.

Inzamam-ul-Haq, Ex-Captain Pakistan Cricket Team

Extremely pleased to see this facility and prayed for the success of this institution. Upcoming Projects include Construction of 3 new Homes so that more children can be accommodated at Palm Enclave Construction of 2 Youth Homes Community Center that would have a range of services. Construction of 4 new Roshni Homes Trust Complex in other cities of Pakistan.

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